Your Hosts

Cyril and Jan are owners of Cabourne Cottage. The property they live on was a market garden until they retired in 2008.The cottage was built in 1986 for Cyril’s mother and in 2006 it was decided to use it as a self-catering home.

Cyril came to New Zealand in 1963 as a farming immigrant from the small village of Cabourne in Lincolnshire, England. He is a past president and member of the local lions club, also a recipient of the Hamilton Civic Award in 2015, and enjoys keeping the landscaped garden picturesque. Fishing is always a welcomed pastime.

Jan is a fifth generation New Zealander. She loves to make preserves for her guests, using fruit and vegetables grown on the property. Jan is involved in the local lioness club, and garden club.

Cyril and Jan have two adult children and two beautiful grandchildren. They enjoy travel and meeting people from all walks of life.